The competition is a valid FAI 2 and will be run according to FAI Sporting Code. We will fly classic race to goal or elapsed time tasks depending on the conditions.

Maximum number of pilots in competition is 120 + 5 organizer's wildcards

Entry requirements

All pilots must have a valid 3rd party liability insurance

All pilots must have a valid medical insurance covering also

All pilots must complain to the legal requirements of flying paragliders in Slovenia

All pilots must fly EN certified paraglider without modifications

Pilots who wish to have the results in WPRS ranking must have a valid FAI licence.

The insurance details will be checked at registration.

All pilots enter the competition and fly at their own risk


The competition will be held in the following categories. The first three pilots in each category will win practical prizes provided by sponsors and trophies.


  • Open
  • Women
  • Sport  - pilots flying EN-C, EN-B or EN-A gliders
  • Standard - pilots flying EN-B or EN-A gliders

the categories will be announced if there are at least 5 pilots flying in the category

Czech Championship 2013

  • Open
  • Women
  • Sport  - max EN-C
  • Standard  - max EN-B

the categories will be announced if there are at least 5 pilots flying in the category

Slovak Championship 2013

  • Open
  • Sport - max EN-C
  • Standard - max EN-B

Lithuanian Championship 2013

  • Open
  • Women
  • Sport - max EN-C
  • Standard - max EN-B


Registration and Entry fee

Entry fee for the competition is 140 EUR if received by the organizer till 31st May 2013.

From 1st June 2013 the entry fee will be 160 EUR

Entry fee covers the transport to takeoff on each competition day, retrieves, small gifts, scoring and briefings.

There is no refund in case the pilot does not show up. There is no refund even if pilot cancels the attendance before the comp starts.

How to pay entry fee

ATTENTION! From 6th June do not pay entry fee without confirmation from organizer!

Send us an e-mail to and only pay entry fee after we confirm you, that your place is reserved and you can transfer the money.

Don't forget to add a note to recipient to your payment: TOLMIN 2013  and your full name to ensure payment identification!

Bank account (EUR only!):

  • IBAN CZ4920100000002200180658
  • Bank Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21, Praha 1
  • Bank account holder Jakub Havel, Pejevové 3123/18, Praha 4 - Modřany

use TARGET2 payment type in case of problems.

!!!For pilots from SLOVAKIA!!! :

for minimal transfer payments, use slovak bank account "mirror" 2200180658/8330

Don't forget to add a note to recipient to your payment: TOLMIN 2013 and your full name to ensure payment identification!

Registration and reserved places

There is the following reservation rule valid till 15th May 2013. The following pilots have guaranteed place in the competition if paid till 15th May

  • first 50 paid Czech pilots
  • first 30 paid Slovak pilots
  • first 30 paid Lithuanian pilots

After this date and besides the reservation rule we will welcome all the pilots regardless of their nationality on the first pay-first go order. As there are 110 out of maximum 120 places possibly being used by the reservation, the first 10 paying pilots out of reservation do have garanteed entry too. We do not expect the reservation to be fully used so in reality there will be more places safely available. In the very unlikely case that the competition gets overbooked as soon as on May 15 we will fully refund entry fees to the pilots who do not get place in competition. Except for the reservation all place allocation is based on the date the entry fee is received by our bank.

Dates and competition program

HQ will be located in Camp Gabrje

Saturday 29th June 17:00-22:00 - registration in HQ

Sunday 30th June 8:00-9:00 - late registration in HQ

Sunday 30th June 9:00 - general briefing & daily briefing

Sunday 30th June - Saturday 6th July:

Competition days. Saturday 6th July is the reserve day used only in case there are not 3 valid tasks flown till Friday.

9:00 daily briefing in HQ and transport to takeoff

around 11:30 depending on daily conditions - task briefing at takeoff

around 18:00 gps download in HQ

Last competition day (Friday or Saturday) after gps download - announcing winners, closing ceremony

Location and takeoffs

For competition days we will use Kobala and Stol takeoffs. Transport to takeoff will be organized from HQ and the retrieves will bring you back to HQ where will also be a usual goal field. In an unlikely case of very bad weather we may move on some days to Lijak. In such a case, transport to takeoff will be organized from Lijak landing place and retrieves will end also on Lijak landing place.

Main partners:

 logo Axispara  logo Gradient


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